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    We're intuitive

    Most learning management systems seem to use 80s design principles. Need to add a video to your course? That's Menu->Manage->Design->Options->Add Content->Media->Video...etc. Stop wasting your time reading through 300-page manuals, or sweating over complicated configuration options.

    Talentshape is incredibly easy to use and takes just minutes to get started. No manual required.

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    We'll save you time

    Still manually sending emails, one-by-one to employees to remind them about course deadlines? Talentshape automates all the unnecessary stuff, so you can focus on just the important things.

    Talentshape automatically handles compliance reminders, due date reminders, re-enrollment reminders, and more so you don't have to.

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    We'll increase productivity

    Talentshape isn't just easy for you to use, it's also easy for your employees to use.

    Why waste your employees' valuable time by making them learn how to use yet another complicated enterprise software? Talentshape was built from the ground up to be usable instantly, without any additional training.

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