The easiest way to train your employees
Who said that training your employees has to be hard? Talentshape is a simple and easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), with the same features as your old enterprise LMS, but without the high learning curve.

To get started, just upload your training, assign learners, and select which reports you want to receive. We'll take care of everything else like compliance requirements, deadline reminders, and email notifications.

Create stunning courses...instantly

Import your training in any format (whether it’s a video mp4, Powerpoint presentation, or PDF document). We'll take care of everything else, and build your content into a professional, easy-to-access learning portal.

Automatic notifications and reminders

We'll automatically retrain your learners when their compliance is up. Set when and how often we should send reminders to your learners so that they'll never forget about deadlines.

Flexible assessments

Create pre-training assessments, post-training assessments, or anything in between. We can automatically require learners to pass certain assessments before they can progress to the next module.

Add thousands of learners in seconds

Add learners one at a time, or automatically import thousands at a time. Then, easily group them by supervisor, department, position, or all of the above.

Hassle-free groups

Need different training for learners in different departments or with different supervisors? Our groups feature lets you separate learners by position, department, or supervisor.

Or add a custom group to separate your learners by additional criteria.

Robust permissions

Free up your own time. You can delegate tasks to other people by giving them certain permissions and jobs. Specify whether they have access only to certain courses, people, or groups.

Automatic, touch-free reports

Automatically get compliance reports and status updates on how your learners are doing. When you want more details, tap into our powerful, ad-hoc reporting engine and get detailed day-by-day learning progress on each learner.

Select your own criteria

Generate your own reports, based on criteria you select. Segment data by module, course, supervisor, department, or group, to get complete reports on exactly what you want.

Ready to get started?